Our Mission :


"HONG KONG TRAMS STATION" opened in October 2013 at the Peak Galleria to celebrate Hong Kong Tramways' 110th anniversary. With aspirations to ultimately create a transport museum in the future, our galleries feature exhibitions on Hong Kong's trams and their counterparts from around the world, emphasizing their preservation, transformation, and sustainable development.

We are the first tram-themed exhibition gallery in the city, exploring the network's changes and the vehicles' features and components throughout their history.

We are an educational experience, offering lectures, model-making workshops for parents and kids, tram tours, and exhibition gallery talks to showcase our trams' unique heritage and introduce to them various advanced tram networks - either proposed or built - from around the world.

Our Team :

 Mr. Eric Lee  (Curator)

 Miss Athena Kung  (Legal Adviser)

 Mr. Alan Cheung  (Consultant)

 Miss Vicky Lam  (Public Affairs)

Our Brand :

Tramric Limited   ( Hong Kong Trams and Transport Souvenirs )

With our network of enthusiasts, business partners, and knowledge of the merchandise market, Tramric’s creation is part of Tram fans desire to diversify and further develop.


Through the partnership with Hong Kong Tramways, Tramric is an entity to carry out tram exhibitions, design and produce a series of unique and creative products that reflect the tram’s history and landmark status in Hong Kong. Tramric provides professional advice and ideas for design and introduces tram-related products for the marketing of Hong Kong tramways.

http://www.tramric.com/indexe.htm   |   http://www.facebook.com/tramricdesign    |   sales@tramric.com

Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast   ( Tram Friends )  

Was founded to serve as a platform gathering people with common interest. We aim at promoting Hong Kong tramways by setting up a platform for tram fans to discuss and exchange ideas about the developments in the tram industry.

Since 2006, we continuously expressed our interest, ideas and comments on the development of Hong Kong tramways, via various interviews with academic and media, to arouse the attention and interest of Hong Kong tramways among public.

http://www.mytramways.com/indexe.htm |  http://www.facebook.com/mytramways  |  enquiry@mytramways.com

Tram Art Gallery 

Is the first transport-themed photography brand comprising of many professional photographers that specialize in social interaction themes. The Photographers hope to go beyond the traditional and build a new style of tram-themed photography.